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Our Roots


MYSOLMAT started with an idea: to encourage purpose, passion, and direction in everyday life through innovative and inspiring products and a robust community of motivators. Family-owned and Texas-bred, MYSOLMAT sells artisan designed, eco-friendly, high-quality cute yoga mats that stand out in a crowd and add an element of fun to your workout. You don’t need to be a professional yogi or a fitness expert to use our products— MYSOLMAT is made for everyone.



Direction: Find your sun and don’t look back. We believe in going with your gut, following the passion that pulls you, and being guided by your SOL.

Passion: Our passion for what we do shines bright. We’re dedicated to creating a community of passion, love, and inspiration.

Purpose: Through passion and direction, you’ll find your purpose.



We believe fitness is for everyone, you can move your body while looking great. We’re confident that you’ll find your perfect SOL mate, or the SOLMAT that matches you perfectly. When you find your perfect SOLMAT, tag us on social using the hashtag #FOUNDMYSOLMAT for a chance to be featured.