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When it comes to getting a new mat, an earth-friendly mat is ideal. It’s vital to choose a sustainable material without sacrificing durability or design. ( we know you want a cute yoga mat!)

We care deeply about how our products are made, that’s why we made a commitment early on to only use the best earth-friendly materials for our MYSOLMAT yoga and fitness mats, without sacrificing durability, flexibility, and quality.


What are your mats made out of?

All MYSOLMAT fitness and yoga mats are made with TPE, a durable, earth-friendly recyclable material. Our martial is tested to be not harmful to the environment in both production and recycling. Our products are also biodegradable


Are they eco-friendly?

Yes! Our mats are all eco-friendly. TPE requires no compounding, no need for reinforcing agents, and no need for stabilizers or cure systems. TPE mats take less energy to produce than other mats (like the most common PVC mats) because of the material used. They are latex free, PVC free, and chloride free as well as antibacterial, all while staying cushiony, durable, and flexible.


Are your mats okay for those with latex allergies?

Yes, our mats are 100% Latex-free, as well as PVC-free and chloride-free.


With sustainably-sourced earth-friendly materials, you’ll love our MYSOLMAT cute yoga mats! Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here and shop all mats here.